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Grenada, Mississippi
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Grenada County Reserves

The Reserve Unit is a group of dedicated individual from our community who wish to serve their fellow citizens by donating their time and talents to the Grenada County Sheriff’s Office. The unit is made up of certified deputies who support the operations of the Sheriff’s Office. While on duty, these un-paid professionals have the same legal authority as any other peace officer. Reserve deputies are required to receive annual certifications/qualifications, i.e. individual weapons qualifications, driver training, PPPCT, 1st Aid.

Some of the activities and or events the Reserve Deputies participate in are:

  • Promote public relations with local law enforcement in their community
  • Provide security and patrol at school functions, county functions and any event where extra security is needed/required.
  • Transport inmates to and from Grenada County to other locations, to and from.
  • Annual Thunder on Water
  • Monthly Grenada County Dirt Drags
  • Grenada Lake Events

All Reserve Deputies are required to attend the Grenada County LEOTA training class (or other MLEOTA certified class.

All Reserve Deputies are encouraged to attend continuing education by attending LE classes throughout the year.

Receiving no pay for the job they do, and spending time away from their home and family shows tremendous dedication to duty on the part of the reserves of Grenada County.

Points of Contact
Joe Ward (662) 227-2877 President, Reserve Officers
Randy Denley  (662) 227-2877 Vice President, Reserve Officers
Rob Wilkerson (662) 227-2877 Secretary, Reserve Officers
Danny Lawrence  (662) 227-2877 Treasurer, Reserve Officers



Grenada County Reserve Deputies

SO-29   David Obannon

SO-31   Antonio Bledsoe

SO-35   Charles Washington

SO-42   Brad Branscome

SO-44   William Blackmon

SO-45   Marcus Purnell

SO-46   David Harrell

SO-47   Donnie Willis

SO-48   Larry Helms

SO-51   Trebia Rodgers

SO-52   Michael Little

SO-54   Alan Clemons

SO-55   Robert Wilkerson

SO-56   Daniel McCormick

SO-57   Brad Easley

SO-58   Tommy Woods

SO-59   Thomas Zac Case

SO-60   Benji Britt

SO-61   Ernie Holliday Jr. 

SO-62   Willie Townsend

SO-63   Terry Slaughter

SO-64   Walter Trotter

SO-65   Billy Moore

SO-66   Amos Johnson

SO-70   George Douglas

SO-71   Kenith Sanders

SO-72   Ricky Williamson Jr.

SO-73   Sean Wilbourn

SO-74   Steven Rosamond

SO-75   John Watson

SO-76   Joey Merriman

SO-77   Reggie Woodall

SO-78   Charles Winters

SO-80   Chris Brown

SO-81   Cody Chamblee

SO-82   Randy Brown

SO-85   Nathan Howell

SO-86   Erby Montgomery

SO-87   David McElwrath

SO-90   Johnny Morrison

SO-91   Randy Coleman