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Dispatch Center

The Grenada E911 Communications Center functions as the critical link between those who need emergency or non-emergency assistance and the emergency personnel who respond to the incident.  We serve as the only Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) for all emergency 911 calls and non-emergency calls in Grenada, MS. Personnel answer six 9-1-1 and five non-emergency telephone lines.  We provide both emergency and non-emergency dispatch services for Grenada County Sheriff’s Office, Grenada Police Department, City of Grenada Fire Department, UMMC Ambulance Service, Elliott Volunteer Fire Department, Gore Springs Volunteer Fire Department, Holcomb Volunteer Fire Department, Geeslin Corner Volunteer Fire Department and Tie Plant Volunteer Fire Department.  Calls for highway and interstate incidents are transferred to MHP. 

 Grenada 911 Dispatching Team 

We are a team of professional Telecommunicators who are dedicated to combining technology, training, and compassion to provide our citizens and visitors to our city with the highest quality of service possible. Daily operations in the 9-1-1 center are handled by two to three personnel per shift.  Each Telecommunicator is cross-trained in Law Enforcement, Fire, EMS dispatching, and also functions as a Call Taker. The Communications Center uses a Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system and a combination of high band and digital trunked radio system to manage calls and document information.  Each month, our Telecommunicators answer an average of 6,000 telephone calls, over 26,000 radio transmissions and dispatch over 2200 calls for service every month. 

Bethany Clemons

Each and every Citizen within Grenada County can help us when there is an emergency by answering some simple questions when calling 911. Basically we need Where, What, How, Who, When and depending on the situation if Weapons are involved. Being quick, clear and precise will help us help you. Please be patient with us because we will need to verify this information – particularly your location. Often time’s road names sound alike or a road may only be different by the suffix such as Somewhere Street and Somewhere Road. In this instance we will need to clarify which location the incident is at.  And last but not least PLEASE take the batteries out of your cell phone before allowing children to play with cell phones. If your child does dial 911 please allow us to come out and check on you to make sure everyone is ok – that is our protocol.  We hope this information helps us help you. 

** This website is NOT monitored for emergency messages. Please dial 911 if you have an emergency. **