Grenada County
Sheriff's Office
Grenada, Mississippi
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 Grenada County Sheriff Deputies


 The responsibility of the Grenada County Sheriff's Deputies is to maintain a safe and orderly environment for citizens and visitors in all areas of Grenada County.

 Few would dispute the fact that deputies assigned to Patrol are the backbone of the Sheriff's Office. These are the men and women who are the first to respond to your call for help. They are almost always the first to arrive on a scene and give aid and comfort to the injured. They often put themselves in harm's way every day they are on the job to stabilize a violent domestic call or when they search a dark building for a dangerous suspect. They pull victims out of burning buildings or give the first life-saving breaths of CPR to the child they have just pulled out of a swimming poll or a farm pond. They serve and protect the citizens of Grenada County and they do it with little recognition or fanfare. They take it all in and see what they do as simply part of their jobs.


 These deputies are responsible for responding to all types of emergency and non-emergency calls for service. They are advocates of the concept of preventative patrol and strives to maintain high visibility as a way to deter crime. 


The following Deputies proudly serve Grenada County

SO-1    Rolando Fair

SO-4    Joseph Ward

SO-5    Chris Hankins

SO-6    Sonja Willis

SO-9    Randy Denley

SO-11   Danny Lawrence

SO-12   Tim Gholston

SO-13   Sabrina Stricklen

S0-14   Adam Eubanks Jr    

SO-15   Randy Sweet

SO-17   Eric Williams

SO-18   Anthony Small  

SO-19   Sonny Hayward

SO-20   Will Tartt

SO-22   Steve Winters

SO-27   Carnell Farmer

SO-32   Ron Gregg

SO-33   Terry Slaughter

SO-34   Chris Jones

SO-36   Randy Chrestman

SO-37   Donald Wilson

SO-38   Eddie Cupit

SO-39   Scott Caulder

SO-40   Andrew Little

SO-41   Cody Chamblee

SO-50   Charles Ashley

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